How to care for your Ecoright bag

A bag is like your BFF - think about it - it goes with you everywhere, holds your important stuff safe with them, and adds a little spring to your step! But just like your BFF, your bag might need a little bit of love and care once in a while. :)

Our bags are made using organic cotton and recycled PET bottles, so they’re sustainable and a great alternative to fast fashion! But along with that, they’re also really easy to clean and can last you for a long time!

Here’s how you can care for your Ecoright faves with ease!

(No, honestly it takes just a quick peep to read these instructions and follow em’ through!)

Three EcoRight satchel bags displayed in a lifestyle setting, highlighting their stylish design and eco-friendly materials

Shoulder & Crossbody Bags

Made from 100% organic cotton that grows with 91% less water than natural cotton, organically grown cotton is the ideal sustainable alternative that is sturdy and delicate. Avoid machine washing or hand washing this bag directly, instead just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains. 

Do not use a hot iron or harsh heat on your bag, as it might affect the bag's print. Let your bag air dry, you can cold iron it if needed.

Wash and Care Instructions For Ecoright Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Made from 100% organic cotton and natural cotton, these tote bags are sturdy enough to carry all your baggage with ease; all they require is just a little care! Wash your tote in a machine or handwash with like colours; follow the CMD rule! 

Cold Water, Mild Detergent, and Delicate Cycle! Follow these simple steps to keep your totes as good as new and totesome!

Wash and Care Instructions for Lunch Bags by ecoright

Lunch Bags

Stained your lunch bag? That’s alright because our lunch bags are not only super fun but very easy to wash as well! Made from 100% natural cotton that comes with an insulated inner lining that you can simply clean with a tissue or cloth, wash your lunch bag in a machine or simply hand wash with like colors. Remember the CMD rule? That’s all you need. 

Cold Water, Mild Detergent, and Delicate Cycle. Air dry your bag and keep it away from direct heat and people who keep stealing your snacks. 

Wash and Care Instructions For Ecoright's Recycled Shoe Bags
wash and care instruction for ecoright's make-up pouches
Wash and care instructions for snack pouches, cosmetic pouches and shoe bags by ecoright

Pouches (RPET Bags)

Your EcoRight pouches are unique! Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, these are your best eco-alternatives. While holding up all the fun, they’re equally easy to clean! Wash your snack pouches in a machine (washing or dishwashing) or hand wash with like colours. With mild detergent. Let your bag air dry and cold iron (if needed) to maintain its shape.

wash and care instructions for ecoright's sustainable iPhone cases

100% Biodegradable phone cases

EcoRight phone cases are made from 100% plant-based biodegradable material, here’s a pro tip you need to follow to keep it looking as good as new - Just wash it gently with some soap and water and it’ll be as good as new for some squeaky clean mirror selfies.