Find out which Tsuki Sling Bag matches Your Vibe

Find out which Tsuki Sling Bag matches Your Vibe

Feel like your bag just doesn't click with your outfit anymore? Well our new Collection of Tsuki Sling Bags just be what your wardrobe needs this season. With a variety of stunning colours and prints, there's a Tsuki Sling for everyone and can elevate any OOTD.

But with so many options, how do you choose the one that truly speaks to you? Take our fun Quiz, answer 6 quick questions, keep a note of your answers and let's find the Tsuki Sling Bag that matches your unique style.


1) Your ideal travel destination is:

(a) A secluded beach paradise for ultimate relaxation.

(b) A bustling city with endless sights and sounds.

️(c) A breathtaking mountain range for adventure and stunning views.

️(d) A historical landmark filled with culture and ancient secrets.


2) When you pick up your bag it is mainly to go for:

(a) Cafe hopping: hogging on croissants and sipping lattes!

(b) A solo date: visiting the old city or perhaps reading a your favourite book in the park

(c) Shopping: cute tops and matching accessories!

(d) Rock climbing or Go Karting 


3) Your fave season is:

(a) Spring: Blooming flowers, fresh starts, gentle breeze! 

(b) Summer: Sunshine, beach days, endless possibilities! 

(c) Fall: Crisp air, colourful leaves, cosy sweaters! 

(d) Winter: hot chocolate , cosy nights in, celebrations!


4) Your style in three words:

(a) Chic, on-trend, always looking fab!

(b) Ready for anything, adventure vibes!

(c) Creative, expressive, unique as you are! 

(d) Versatile, adaptable, perfect for any occasion!


5) A travel snack one will always find in your bag:

(a) Chocolates

(b) A healthy energy bar, dry fruits or granola bars

(c) I always forget to carry something from home and end up hitting convenience stores later

(d) not exactly a snack but, Tabasco! Because no restaurant ever matches my freak


6) Three essentials for your bag:

(a) Sunglasses, phone charger, lipstick - gotta look good! 

(b) Compass, water bottle, first-aid kit - ready for anything! 

️(c) Notebook, pen, headphones - unleash your creativity!

(d) Hand sanitizer, portable charger, multi-tool - be prepared! ️

Your answers revealed your unique style! Here's how your Tsuki preference reflects your personality:

  • Mostly (b): Adventure is your middle name! You crave excitement and are always on the go. Our Camouflage or Free Spirited Tsuki Bags are built for your active lifestyle and adventurous spirit.

  • Mostly (c): You embrace life's simple joys and live in the moment. Our Baesic Tsuki Bag is the ideal companion, offering a versatile and practical design for your everyday adventures. 

  • Mostly (d): You're prepared for anything! You value both style and functionality. Our Checkmate Tsuki Sling Bag is the perfect match, offering a sleek design with features to keep you organised on the go. 

Found Your Tsuki Fit? Click here to place an order now. Made from water-repellant organic cotton, each Tsuki Bag features a water-resistant inner lining for unexpected splashes, making them perfect for everyday adventures, or if you Looking for gifts for girls for the approaching festive season? Look no further! Tsuki Bags are a delightful gifting option they're sure to love.