7 Sustainable swaps for Plastic Free July 2024

7 Sustainable swaps for Plastic Free July 2024

Hey everyone, July is here, bringing the refreshing monsoon rains! But while the weather cools down, the fight against plastic pollution heats up! If you, too, are gearing up for a plastic-free July, we've got some tips for you that can make going green feel like a total blast & not a chore. 

Grab your reusable water bottle (because hydration is key!), and let's dive into 7 swaps that'll make you a Plastic Free July champion, rain or shine!

1. Ditch that Plastic Brush

Over 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used and disposed of annually. Plastic Toothbrushes? So last season! If it is time for you to update your toothbrush, you might want to add a wooden toothbrush to your cart. These brushes are gentle on your gums and good for the planet.

Source - VirtueBrush

2. Dress for the Planet 

We are sure you know how most clothes have microplastics in them making them non-biodegradable.If not here’s an estimate - Between 200,000 and 500,000 tonnes of microplastics from textiles enter the global marine environment each year This July, swap those plastic-y threads for threads made from nature's finest: cotton or linen. Sepia Stories has some amazing options to keep you looking good and feeling good about the planet. Due to their premium quality they also make for great birthday gifts for men & women or even a nice anniversary gift.

Source - European Environment Agency

3. Clean Clothes, Clean Conscience

Don't wash your eco-friendly clothes with chemicals that come in plastic packets! Coco-Custo offers amazing eco-friendly detergents in reusable tins, along with natural coir scrubbers. Your clothes and the planet will thank you! 

4. Ditch the Foil, Embrace the Fun

Love a good sandwich, but hate the foil waste? This July, say goodbye to your average non-biodegradable aluminium foils and hello to adorable, reusable snack pouches and sandwich bags! These waterproof bags are easy to clean, come in fun patterns, and keep your food fresh - we don't know how it gets any better! You can also use these as a makeup pouch or as an organiser. 

5. Sip & Slay with a Reusable Straw

Need a straw? Skip the plastic and grab a reusable one! Why you ask? Because these one-time use straws are polluting our beaches and oceans! One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. Glass straws are trendy, come in all sorts of colours, and dentists love them too. Sip on in style, guilt-free!

Source - National Geographic 

6. Phone Bag that Saves the Day

The rain might be here, but your phone doesn't need a plastic prison! Grab a quirky, water-resistant Phone Bag to keep your phone safe. These small sling bags are ideal for women and men. 
Pro-tip if you want to get your hands on more such water-resistant and eco-loving bags our best-seller section will be a treat for your eyes. 

7. Swap plastic bags for Cute Tote Bags 

Did you really think we’d miss our chance of talking about our Tote Bags? By ditching plastic bags and using a reusable tote, you can help keep over 1000 plastic bags out of landfills and oceans in your lifetime! That's a massive impact you can make with just a simple switch. In case you don’t already have one, get yours here

Feel like going the extra mile? You can also sign up for a beach clean-up! Spend a few hours collecting plastic trash, meet awesome people, and become a real-life eco-hero. Here is a list of organisations to help you get the ball rolling: 

Every swap you make is a win for the planet! Every swap you make is a win for the planet! This July, let's ditch plastic and show the world going green can be FUNtastic!