Types of girls on a trip

Types of girls on a trip

They say there is nothing a vacation with your girlies can't fix. Right from the moment you book your tickets you practically start counting days until you are in another city/country leaving behind your soul-sucking job or cheating ex with your girlfriends. 

Share this blog with your girl gang and don't mind taking it as a hint from the universe to plan your next adventure. Whether you are a workaholic, the travel princess or the one who brings the vibes to the trip, we have the perfect Carry-All Tote Bag to match your travel vibe.

Shall we check them out one by one?

The Gram Addict

The Instagram addict who will click 39584 pinteresty photos each day. Why we love her - all we have to do is repost her stories and not worry about capturing the right moments. Sure, our phone storage and energy levels get exhausted with all the 798847 photos we have to click for her (only for her to like 1 photo) but hey! If some day, she turns into a big influencer, we’ll be the one to thank , no?  This queen will also make sure she carries stylish hand bags like our Beach Bum Carry-All Tote Bag to match her ootd everyday.

The Workaholic

This poor soul could not get her leave approved because her client decided they wanted to launch a product within 15 days. So now she is carrying her laptop everywhere along with its charger, diary, phone charger and a set of formal shirts along with a few other essentials in a cosmetic pouch  in case the client wants her to hop on a quick call. She is basically the female version of Arjun from ZNMD, only she loves what she does and we think she would love to carry a bag as versatile as our Tropical leaves Carry-All Tote Bag to hold all her stuff and match her vacation vibe.

The One Who Brings The Vibe

She's the one who curates the perfect playlist for every moment – from chill airport vibes to epic road trip jams, and even a "lost-at-2-am-adventure" mix (because hey, that's part of the fun!). Her travel bag is a bottomless pit of so-called travel essentials: from booze for impromptu celebrations to eye masks for peaceful flights, and even a surprise pair of shoes for when that off-the-beaten-path sunset spot calls for a spontaneous hike. We are here to put an end to search for a bag that matches with her vibe being all about having a good time with her crew with our Sunshine Squad Carry- All Tote Bag.

The Travel Princess

Her only role is to pay for the trip and show up at the airport looking pretty. If you need help looking for vegetarian restaurants or the nearest metro station, she’s not the one you go to. And hey, if the travel gods aren't smiling, you might even find yourself not only waking her up for the airport but packing her clothes too! But we’re not complaining, she keeps us entertained with her quick remarks. We are sure a princess would only want what's best for her and the planet when it comes to packing her essentials for a trip. So if you are a travel princess check out our Seascape Carry-All Tote Bag which is made from organic cotton and azo free inks & dyes.

The (Over)Planner

Not only will she plan the trip by the minute, but will ensure everyone reaches the airport 6 hours in advance. She will single-handedly scavenge the entire face of the internet to hook you up with the best airbnbs on budget with amazing views. She will amaze you with her ability to find hidden city spots not even most locals would know about. Our suggestion for her? A Fanny pack since she would not want to risk anyone losing their tickets or passports on the trip. We are sure she would prefer a bag that stands out amongst others like our Key Lime Splash Carry-All Tote Bag  to avoid luggage mix ups at the airport.

The Adventure Lover

Last but not the least, this fearless wonder lives for the "oh my gosh, did I just do that?!" moments. No trip is complete without an adventure that makes your heart do a triple flip (before settling back down, hopefully!). Her only answer to every adventure is S(hell) Yeah. We love her because... well, who needs enemies when you have a friend like her?

So, there you have it! From the planner to the one who clicks a gazillion pictures. They may push your buttons, drag you out of your comfort zone, but hey! you know you wouldn't have it any other way, right? Speaking of squads, have you seen what other girls are picking for their trips? Check out our best-sellers page for statement pieces that might inspire your next adventure or the perfect tote bags for your girls– that captures their level of crazy.